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Jessica Carneiro

Jessica is a Research Manager at VVA Economics & Policy.   Throughout her studies and previous professional experiences, she gained expertise in a range of fields including innovation, internationalisation, clusters and higher education. In the last years, Jessica has been involved in various projects run by the...

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Eszter Kantor

Eszter Kantor is an Associate Director at VVA Economics & Policy.   With a background in Economics (B.Sc.) and Environmental Management (M.Sc.), Eszter has over 15 years of experience with EU policy having worked in Hungary, the United Kingdom and Belgium.   Eszter has significant experience working on socio-economic...

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Rik Neirynck

Rik is an economic Junior Consultant at VVA Economics & Policy.   He joined VVA for a traineeship carried out as an extracurricular activity over the last months of his master’s degree in Business Administration with option in international relations at KU Leuven in Brussels. During his...

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Axel Wion

Axel Wion is a Consultant for VVA Economics & Policy.   Since he joined the company, Axel has been involved in a quite diversified variety of projects and activities for clients such as the European Commission, the European Space Agency, other international organisations and private sector companies....

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Wesley Cox

Wesley Cox is a Junior Consultant at VVA Economics & Policy.   Throughout his studies and previous experiences in both the private and public sector, he gained expertise in a range of fields, including international business (sales, marketing and branding), corporate governance, energy and automotive policies. At...

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Roberto Sigismondo

Roberto is a Researcher at VVA Economics & Policy.   During his studies at Bocconi University, he gained knowledge regarding several policy areas such as cohesion policy, economic policy and social affairs. In particular, Roberto has a strong interest in policy analysis and evaluation. His skillset comprises...

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Norman Röhner

Norman is a Researcher at VVA Economics and Policy.   Norman has thorough and proven knowledge of EU policies and politics and expertise in a wide range of policy areas including ICT, standardisation, intellectual property rights, and education. He has over two years of experience in managing...

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Liviu Calofir

Liviu is a Research Analyst at VVA Economics and Policy.   He has developed a comprehensive knowledge of EU policies in a wide range of areas throughout his university career. Liviu had studied in Florence (University of Florence), Bologna (University of Bologna) and Rome (LUISS School of...

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Jordan Hill

Jordan is a Researcher at VVA Economics and Policy.   He has three years’ experience in London working in Higher Education Policy and Advocacy at local, national and European level. During this role he managed four higher education networks which looked at areas including Research and Innovation,...

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Davide Ceccanti

Davide is a Researcher at VVA Economics and Policy.   Throughout his professional and academic life, he gained expertise in a range of policy areas, including economic governance, social and employment policy, and international trade policy. In terms of methodology, he is involved in desk research, data...

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