Over the past two years, we have relied on professional services offered by VVA. We can say that we have been supported by a team of skilled and competent professionals, able to understand our requirements through a dynamic and collaborative work approach. In addition to professional expertise, also the relational capabilities of VVA consultants should be highlighted. They have constantly proven willing to start a collaborative discussion with regard to our requests


“About three years ago we have started collaborating with VVA. This cooperation has allowed us to achieve important business goals, thanks to both the expertise and professionalism of VVA’s consultants and its business consulting services. During this journey, VVA has been a reliable partner, able to understand our needs and to support us in all different projects undertaken. We will definitely continue collaborating with VVA, a guarantee of professionalism and quality." 
Giuseppe Bigica, CEO of BM Arti Grafiche

Our collaboration with RICERCHE VALDANI VICARI began in 2006, since then we have from them side by side in the strategic research projects. In addition to professional competence aspects of professional RVV we value most the precision and the accuracy with which they follow the various stages of the project and the availability and sympathy which are the fundamental basis on which they built our partnership.''

Federico Anastasia, Head of Marketing Linear

“We have been working with VVA for some years. What we really appreciate with their team –and what we believe are their real strengths – is their openness to discussion, the ability to figure out the complexity of multinational companies and to suggest feasible solutions and, finally, their commitment to the customer”. 
Riccardo Rossi, Tax Planning Manager Tenaris

We are always happy to work with RICERCHE VALDANI VICARI, because they seek to understand and investigate thoroughly the real problem of the company. In our case, then, they were able to understand the company and speak in a professional and "human" way with our management, during the phases of the project, and presentations of research results.
Andrea Arcangeli, Marketing Manager di Terranova Gruppo Teddy


Ricerche Valdani Vicari, a reliable partner for the researchers. For more than 10 years, RVV has been an important support for us to learn more about our customers, their satisfaction and their needs. Their "personalized" consulting approach as well as in-depth knowledge of our target, has enabled us, in recent years, to expand collaboration through ad hoc research with integrated methodologies. With professionalism and experience, the team of RVV joins us in the strategic choices of marketing" 
Marta Minotti, Responsabile Analisi e Planning Marketing Department Liquigas