Stakeholder management & expert advice

Through past projects and research interests, we have acquired in-depth expertise and developed a wide network of contacts in a large range of European policy and industry areas. We have also learnt that effective stakeholder management (e.g. for consultations, focus groups, etc.) is crucial to facilitate the success of policy or other initiatives on the European stage.

Our team is able to work with your organisation at short notice on projects involving senior expert advice, e.g. input on the development of new policy initiatives, expert testimony or informal input as part of a conference or workshop of international experts. We can also deploy our management resources to help you engage with your stakeholders in a systematic and strategically relevant way, either for a particular issue or on an on-going basis.

Where we do not have the relevant expert in-house we can source the input you need (be it academic, industry or political) from among our long list of contacts and networks. We take responsibility for making experts available in a timely and affordable manner, we manage all inputs provided by our experts and we work with you to make sure outputs are delivered to you in a way that fully meets your needs.