Impact assessment – European public policy - Regulatory economics - Business Consulting

Space is a strategic resource for Europe: the European public policy of investing in space infrastructures such as Galileo and GMES/Copernicus is aimed at ensuring the political independence of the European Union. Moreover, the applications enabled by these systems and infrastructures create value and employment across different downstream sectors and industries, as well as contributing to guarantee public safety and security.

European public policy strives to meet a two-fold challenge: on the one hand, ensuring the competitiveness of EU space infrastructures at international level. On the other hand, maximising the return on the sustained investment for the whole economic system, with a particular focus on increasing the competitiveness of European industries targeted by space applications.

In order to achieve these objectives, the impact assessment of different potential of policy measures represents a key instrument. In this framework, the adoption of space technology applications may represent either a source of competitive advantage or a must-have to remain competitive for companies, according to the technological and market maturity of the application itself.

Valdani Vicari & Associati (VVA) retains specific expertise in performing economic studies and business consulting services, with a particular focus on the areas of convergence between space technologies and the downstream industries where they are applied. Our experience has been acquired by working with key European institutions and by running business consulting projects for leading companies.

The Regulatory Economics practice area supports institutional and public clients in the design of European public policies and in the impact assessment of policy alternatives in the space sector, thanks to its competences in:


  • Impact assessment of possible legislative actions on space infrastructures and related applications; 
  • Cost-benefit analysis of specific initiatives or projects; Stakeholders’ consultation and creation of awareness on the effects and the results of European public policy;
  • Assessment and quantification of markets enabled by satellite technologies. 


The Business Consulting practice area has cumulated expertise in the:


  • Definition of marketing strategies and actions aimed at exploiting the potential of space applications, such as georeferencing or positioning of users and customers; 
  • Creation of strategic and business plans for companies active in the aerospace industry; 
  • Participation in innovative space-related projects supported or funded by European institutions.