Business Consulting – Customer Experience – Market Research - Litigation

The development of retail is driving the evolution of many industries. Some of the principal challenges that are characterizing the retail industry are:


  • design of memorable, end-to-end customer experiences, able to generate word of mouth and engagement;
  • rigorous management of the margin per square meter; 
  • customization of individual stores, according to the characteristics of targeted customers; 
  • integration of digital channels with traditional ones, in all possible ways; 
  • constant research of unique and innovative formats;
  • importance and development of the role of front-office staff in the generation of memories and judgments among customers. 


Valdani Vicari & Associati (VVA) has gained experiences in business consulting, market researches and litigations in mono-brand networks in the lifestyle area, in the GDO / GDA and in pharmaceutical retail.

The Business Consulting practice has developed its own methodology for the analysis and development of the customer experience. Moreover, it adopts its own approach for the measurement and development of the profitability of channels and individual stores. VVA’s Business Consulting team has also developed its own set of tools for the development of innovative formats, which focus business reflections on the customer value proposition of brands.

The Litigation practice has gained international experiences in the estimation of the damage suffered by companies, resulting from the breach of distributorship agreements by commercial partners.

The Market Research practice has developed customized solutions to:


  • the enhancement of the shopping experience (identification of offering system’s areas that can be potentiated and optimized in terms of layout, assortment, atmosphere of stores and quality of services, through ethnographic, qualitative and quantitative market researches); 
  • the measurement of trends of main KPIs, closely linked to strategic objectives of a retail brand, comparing them with the performances of direct competitors (e.g. brand awareness, customer experience, net promoter score and intention to buy).