Regulatory Economics

European public policy – impact assessment

Valdani Vicari & Asssociati (VVA) specialize in the economic analysis of regulations for private and public sector clients. In most cases, our work in this practice areas takes place in the context of analyses of European public policy and impact assessments. Our team of experts includes economists, sociologists, political scientists, specialists in public administration and experts in different sectors such as agro-food, fashion and textiles, tourism, banking and financial services, health and pharmaceuticals, intellectual property, ICT industries and several other areas.

Regulatory economics refer to the study of the impacts of regulatory change on industry, consumers and society as a whole (impact assessment). Regulatory economics include both micro-economic (firm-level) analysis of revenues and costs and macro-economic (sector and economy level) analysis of competition, market potential and growth.

For public policymakers, this type of analysis is an essential part of evaluations and impact assessments as part of evidence based policymaking. In European public policy, such impact assessments including cost-benefit analyses, are required by law for all new legislative initiatives.

For businesses, trade associations and consumer organizations, a rigorous economic study is fundamental to prioritizing responses to regulatory initiatives, revising business plans and developing a successful market strategy that accounts for regulatory risks.

Key questions in this practice area revolve for instance around:

  • quantifying the costs and benefits of planned regulatory initiatives
  • establishing a timeline for costs and benefits to materialize
  • defining impacts on industrial competitiveness.
  • quantifying the impact of regulatory uncertainty on businesses, especially SMEs
  • developing impact assessments in the context of European public policy

VVA has built up an extensive track record of regulatory economics projects at national and European level. We work closely with our clients and with specific sector experts to develop deep insight into each market.

We pride ourselves on:

  • an in-house regulatory economics team with thorough economic analysis skills and extensive sector expertise
  • strong links to additional sector experts, academics, legal and technical professionals who support our economic work where required
  • a deep understanding of the regulatory environment, in particular in the context of European public policy
  • concise and tailored reporting of results aimed at senior executives, regional, national and European level policymakers as well as wider audiences depending on the requirements of the project