Public Sector

Business Consulting – Customer Experience – Market Research

Territories compete more and more to attract, develop and retain the best human, economic and business resources. Growing globalization has increased the mobility of resources and the competition among territories. Therefore, public sector needs to plan growing paths and adopt proper communication tools for its numerous stakeholders. Valdani Vicari & Associati (VVA) has developed important projects concerning business consulting activities and market research for large and medium municipalities, provinces, regions and ministries.

The VVA team, composed of professionals belonging to the Business Consulting and Market Research practices, has adopted its own approaches to customer experience management for different targets (citizens, city users and tourists). Moreover, the team has gained experience in growth plans and management policies through the development of targeted marketing plans, aimed at both increasing the tourist attractiveness of areas and developing city branding policies.

The Business Consulting and Market Research practices have developed a partnership with influential senior advisors, who have strong expertise in public sector. They have collaborated on customer experience projects, as well as loyalty management plans, with the aim of identifying value drivers for customers and defining a strategy for improving satisfaction and building stable and lasting relationships. The Market Research practice has collaborated with some public bodies on the mapping of local markets through the analysis of businesses’ and citizens’ needs, with the aim of developing local marketing measures, consistent and targeted to the identified needs. Moreover, VVA’s Market Research team has adopted its approaches on customer experience management, in order to monitor the process of development, dissemination and adoption of citizens to new services in certain test areas in municipalities in Italy.