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Finanziamenti Comunitari 2014-2020

The book provides the reader with a 360° view of the new EU funding programme, focusing on funds managed at national, European and international level, and of the management tools required to present and manage a project. The book is structured to cover four main areas. The first area – policy – introduces the reader to European programming and it provides guidance through the range of EU activities. The second area – analysis – covers the most important aspects, including: the financing matrix, the framework logic and the rules to set up project activities supported by European funds. The third area – tools – provides the reader with the necessary elements to present proposals and subsequently manage projects. Finally, the fourth area focuses on the cost-benefit analysis of projects and the rules on state aid.


Cusumano Nicolo', Minardi Patrizia, Vecchi Veronica. Co-authors Monica Pesce, Marco Bolchi


European Policy