Apr 12

Social media and buzz on line, the point of view of Linear Insurance

The number of those who read online reviews of products and services continues to grow (20 million Italians), while continues to decrease the distrust of the opinions found on communities, forum and blog (source Audiweb). 

Especially for the shopping activity, the web is more than half of the tools used to search for information prior to shopping. And it is always the web to garrison the post purchase phase,  in fact about one third of the Italians posts a comment on their Facebook or other social media. If we think that is sufficient a critique of an advocate of the network to change consumer’s mind  about a brand in the 52% of cases it’s easy to understand how social media and more generally the buzz online are important areas to monitor and supervise by the Companies. 

In the middle of the large amount of data that is continuously generated, the network can in fact hide valuable information for Companies. This is also the opinion of Linear Insurance that for two years continually monitors, in collaboration with Ricerche Valdani Vicari, the on line reputation of its company and its main competitors through the Buzz online service (http://www.vva.it/it/web-research). “All along the information is the lifeblood that directs the behaviors, either as individuals or companies” – Giovanni Teofilo Chiarelli says, Executive Director of Linear Insurance  - “In the social society era, focusing on the internet and its sharing tools, no company can afford to consciously stay in the dark about what happens on line and what they say about your brand. A system of constant monitoring, analysis and alerting, allows brands to live consciously the web and in particular its recent social developments”. 

In order to consistently and effectively monitor the network it is important to utilize special tools and approaches for listening. Ricerche Valdani Vicari uses BlogMeter tool, an innovative platform that monitors daily the main online communities - forums, news groups and social networks - for a total of about 500 sources, and the Italian Blogosphere (ca 75 000 blogs).

However, the effective listening of network  requires multiple skills and even the best tool / platform on the market cannot be totally exaustive without the active intervention of one or more researchers specialized in pure qualitative analysis through the reading and interpretation of a large number of posts and conversations. This is because it is not only important to understand how many posts are published related to a company or a product, but rather how is it spoken, which qualities are highlighted, which defects, as well as how the competitors are perceived. Also because in the web people speak without a filter and for this reason often people don’t  express in a positive and gratifying way.

All this represents a real opportunity for the Company that starting eventually from a negative sentiment can focus on its problems and understands how to improve its offer and its image in the sight of the customers. "In particular the analysis from web monitoring help to investigate the brand equity" - adds Chiarelli - "while a careful and timely alerting allows you immediately to react to the negative post helping to transform them into occasions of service". 

To listen effectively the network allows companies to adapt more quickly to customer needs and market changes and for this reason the analysis on social networks (Facebook, Twitter ...), and in particular their use as a tool of engagement of the consumer, is more and more relevant.

For these reasons among the services recently introduced in the service of Ricerche Valdani Vicari Buzz Online there is Facebook Analytics, a tool that enables measurement and assessment of engagement stimulated on the Facebook business pages, with the possibility to compare all the competitors of a market.