Apr 12

The first twenty years of VVA

Twenty years ago, VVA was composed just by two people, Salvio Vicari and I. Today we are 40. The adventure and the partnership is shared with our partners, Thomas, Giando, Mario, Monica, Vittorio, Rossana, Pier and a group of professionals and friends, who animate our team and help us with extraordinary passion. In all these years, other friends took part in VVA’s team: we remember them with affection and we are thankful for the value that they contribute to create. Among all, the most immediate thought is for a person, who left us too soon and forever: Claudio Dematté, an irresistible man who enlightened us and a lot of companies.

Twenty years ago, the Promethean fire that convinced us to create VVA, was powered by two aspirations.

First, our pride of being Italian. The consultancy sector was invented in the Anglo-Saxon world and was dominated by U.S. companies. The challenge of entering this market, alone, filled our heart of pride and of desire, to prove who we are and what we can do for our customers. Today, after twenty years, this pride is stronger than before and it has been reinforced by the recent opening of our new office in London.

The second aspiration was a bit personal. VVA’s founders are two university professors, who often heard that the academic world is too distant from firms and that, like an Italian adage says, “there is a sea among saying something and doing something”. Actually, this “sea” is full of imagination and hard work, to search for specific, competitive and sustainable options, but also full of determination and enthusiasm, to create value for our customers.

In these twenty years, we cooperate with over 600 Italian and international companies, with a shared and passionate aspiration: to do our best for them, as if we were their collaborators, I dare say their friends. These companies were very generous. They gave us the most important thing: their trust.

Can you imagine our joy when a battle ends with success for our customers? Such as when we demonstrated that an international company had manipulated an algorithm, in order to accuse an Italian firm of having created a millionaire damage; or when a customer insight allows us to see the problem from a different point of view; when the assumptions made in a business plan come true; when a market strategy allows to create great value; when a transfer pricing procedure ends with satisfaction, both for the enterprise-customer, and for the authority, proving that things can be done with ethic and responsibility.

Nowadays, our intention is to feel and be useful for our customers.

Markets and the contemporary world have become complex, entropic, hyper-competitive. The challenges are renewing. We are still here, to carry out our mission with all of you, dear friends, with the aspiration to celebrate, with renewed enthusiasm, the next forty years.