Feb 12

Terranova, a totally Italian brand that is conquering the world

Terranova belongs to the Teddy S.p.A. group, one of the leading fashion companies in Europe, which has been able to conquer the world starting from Rimini and to defying foreign groups such as Inditex (Zara) and H&M. Valdani Vicari Vicari & Associati and Ricerche Valdani Vicari have been collaborating for a long time with Terranova to develop their Customer Experience Management.

We asked Andrea Arcangeli, Marketing Director of the group, what does it mean to grow in these years of global recession: "The Teddy group, which will celebrate this year its 50th anniversary, has inherited a culture and a passion for this work from its founder, Vittorio Tadei. We never stop, we are never satisfied, we are not afraid to accept a new challenge and to start exploring a new area of the world. Terranova has also launched in 1988 the franchising formula with payments on consignment, which has allowed a rapid development. Today Terranova blends Italian taste with a global style and is able to capture the demand of 33 different countries. Finally, in such difficult years like these, Terranova is a brand that communicates positivity, with a  clean, fresh and sunny image. "

Terranova has recently launched a new identity for its shops and has also opened its e-commerce website. What kind of strategies is the group pursuing to provide an effective and successful experience, in a highly competitive industry like the street-fashion one? "First of all, we are investing in improving stores and all the channels and contact tools with Customers. Our investment’s choices are taken with intelligence, i.e. by using a method that analyzes and designs the Consumer Experience. The new format for Terranova’s stores expresses the characteristics of the brand and it has also been designed to make Clients’ browsing and purchasing experience easy. For example, the large entrance gate expresses a concept of accessibility and immediacy, which can be summarized in the term "easy", a key word in Terranova positioning. Moreover, the projections realized in the stores transmit dynamism, innovation and they communicate in the best way the brand’s street soul. However, the development’s path is just at the beginning. The most important thing is to have started it and to have decided that the point of sale and all contact points with Customers are fundamental elements."

What do you expect that will happen in stores over the next ten years? I.e., what are the trends that all Brands will have to deal with? “From our humble point of view, brands will have to "humanize" themselves, by giving a “face” to the brand, with whom to communicate and interact in an increasingly social and P2P dynamics. People really wish for real brands, which express an authentic and personal way of life.”

To what extent will the new digital services, like e-couponing or Google Shopping, change Customers’ behaviors in your industry? “In our opinion, the online shopping’s dynamics are still to be discovered and have to show much of their potential. E-couponing, crowd buying, social commerce ... we are at the beginning of a new era, with a thousand trails to blaze and experience. We are trying to do it, in Italy these aspects are still very basic, but it is exciting to be at the beginning of this new business.”

What kind of tools do you use to manage and to develop the Customer Experience? “All that can be centrally controlled, from music to videos, from pricing strategies to visual merchandising, is well monitored and tested, treated and analyzed in detail. The most sensitive and interesting element is the management of staff because, if it is well-trained and "in love" with the company, it really makes a big difference. To summarize, a lot of technological infrastructure, a lot of training and a lot of analysis.”