Nov 11

Investing in local and national brands as a means to compete and win in a time of crisis

Branding policies mean mainly to understand the context and the territory and, by leveraging on its potential, its strengths and its own identity, rethinking or consolidate a distinctive position and, consequently, defining an integrated action plan, involving the local system as a whole.

The steady growth of competition between regions, both in terms of attraction of growth factors and resources, requires clear and distinctive positioning. The cities and areas with good design skills then feel increasingly the need to define a forward-looking future, to better target and aggregate energies, critical success factors and processes of planning and communication, as demonstrated by the analysis of 16 major international cities, 14 of which had put tourism, promotion and territorial marketing at the forefront of policy areas.

Not a random path, but an overall overview. An integrated plan to strengthen and revitalize its image, catalyze resources - both human and economic, and convey the energy of the territory to concrete and achievable goals.
Therefore, in brief, to invest in local marketing and branding policy on the one hand it means a clear strategic positioning compared to competitors, to reorganize the offer to the needs and make an action plan with measurable objectives and targets; on the other hand, listen to the territory for a participatory planning, define the "brand and competitive identity", provide a distinctive value proposition and targeted promotion plans and projects. It means to make oneselves visible and positioned among the choices of potential customers, which today more than ever have access to offers and opportunities the widest possible.

Just the lack of resources also requires very virtuous practices of integration and synergy of the existing supply system. Investing in building and make it visible its unique identity is one of the most immediate responses to attract new resources and challenge the global crisis.

On the horizon the great and imminent opportunity of Expo Milan 2015 to position oneself in the world.