Mar 09

The way out of the tunnel

We have been there in 2001, in 1992, in 1987, in 1973 (and before) and we have always been back to the upturn. Maybe this time is perceived to be tougher, but it isn't.

In 2001 there were hundreds of companies belonging to the 99% club (the club of companies that had lost 99% of their value). In 1992 there were the "junk bonds" (now we have the toxic ones - same story).

The point is, in these situations, to be back to the basics: to be back and value companies on the basis of their capacity to sell products at the right price, fulfilling needs with a differentiating innovative factor, which is often their distinctive success factor. And this is what we do at VVA. We help our clients to understand the key value drivers of their companies, and of the companies they invest in, through a thorough analysis of their distinctive strenghts, weaknesses, of their markets, of their competitors and of their strategic future prospects!

Every company has the opportunity to find a way out of this recession. And we help clients to find that way, identifying solutions to increase revenues and profits, maximising cash flows and NPVs, in summary highlighting the right strategy to exit the tunnel!