Pharma & Health Care

Business Consulting– Transfer Pricing – Market Research – Customer Experience

The pharma & health care industry will have to evolve through the innovation and adoption of new strategies, in order to return to the level of previous decades’ growth. Principal trends that will characterize this industry in the next four years are: dehospitalization of health services; new pricing strategies for the launch of the most innovative and expensive drugs; increase of private health care; significant changes in the distributive scenario; more and more proactive patients. Valdani Vicari & Associati (VVA) has managed numerous projects in the pharma & health care sector, which have involved all VVA’s fields of activity, from Business Consulting to Market Research, up to Expert opinion (Transfer Pricing and Litigation).

Within Business Consulting, the company has gained specific experiences and developed methodologies aimed at supporting the:

• launch of new products (definition of the proper pricing strategy, analysis on brand positioning through the use of market value curves and the identification of the main differentiation elements, construction of the launch plan);

  • pharmaceutical distribution (research and development of distribution agreements, identification of additional commercial channels to the traditional ones and implementation of customer experience strategies). 

VVA’s Business Consulting team has also identified several best practices in the management of other retail sectors, that could be adopted also in the pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical industry.

The Market Research practice offers customized solutions for

  • Launch of new products: map of the decision-makers who can influence the inclusion of drugs in national pharmaceutical handbooks, analysis of the effectiveness of communication strategies, determination of the proper price through ad hoc market researches
  • Analysis of a product and its life cycle: map of the brand positioning and brand image of the product compared to its competitors, daily monitoring of online conversations in order to highlight the “shared customer experience” and drivers that lead customers to “customer preferences”. 
  • Distribution of pharmaceutical products: measurement of the customer experience in order to investigate patients’ and pharmacists’ behavior in the choice of drugs, identification of the more tailored offering system to the core target, analysis of the role played by individual elements in the lay-out of stores. 

Finally, the pharma & health care industry is one of the sectors in which the practice Expert Opinion is historically most active. It has developed numerous projects and thus peculiar expertise, both in transfer pricing projects for the most important multinational companies, as well as in the economic assistance in highly complex commercial litigations. With particular reference to the Transfer Pricing practice, in light of its multidisciplinary character and its increasing importance, a new partnership was born in 2010 - although it had been operating in practice for many years already. The economists of VVA, tax advisors from the Bonelli Erede Pappalardo (BEP) office and Graziano Gallo form an innovative partnership that has allowed the development of a unique know-how, thanks to the implementation of relevant projects for many of the most important Italian and foreign multinationals. VVA’s Transfer Pricing team offers specialized consulting services, which include all the required expertise (economic, managerial, fiscal and procedural) for the management of complex situations and the planning of innovative solutions, tailor-made for the client. The partnership provides a wide variety of services, from the preparation of documentation to the negotiation of APA and MAP with tax authorities around the world. Moreover the partnership boasts, among other things, numerous experiences of success in the pharmaceutical industry (APA, litigation, business restructuring, etc.). In this context, VVA guarantees:

  • ability to analyze markets, competitive scenarios and supply chains; expertise in the analysis of organizational and corporate environments; 
  • ability to analyze organizational and business contexts; 
  • statistical and accounting skills; 
  • the business expertise gained in the specific sector; 
  • ownership and usage of the best databases available.