Business Consulting –Marketing strategies- Benchmark analysis

The manufacturing industry has to constantly deal with the dual challenge of increasing efficiency and improving its market strategy. Valdani Vicari & Associati (VVA) has developed numerous projects for medium-sized companies, that were looking for a partner capable of supporting managers and entrepreneurs. In particular, VVA has supported these companies in identifying growth paths and managing the organizational phases of the transformation of the company and the business.

VVA supports manufacturing companies through its Business Consulting services, which have the following purposes and expertise:


  • competitive analysis, identification and planning of growth drivers, marketing strategies; 
  • assessment, or elaboration of business plans, aimed at optimizing working capital and cash flow, while also offering benchmark analysis through access to national and international databases; 
  • support in the development of the sales & marketing division; 
  • configuration of disruptive growth paths and support in their improvement, also through the identification of industrial and financial partners. 

In medium-sized companies, often focused on skills related to products and production, VVA has contributed to the development of market skills. 
These new competencies have enabled companies to quickly achieve significant results and thus to pay back the investment in the project in a short time. Some of the manufacturing sectors in which VVA has developed significant expertise are: metering, elevators, automotive, paper, cement, household appliances, consumer electronics, eyewear, advanced metalwork, packaging, plumbing fixtures.