Litigation and damage estimation

Commercial litigation

Regulatory frameworks are increasingly complex and competitive pressure continues to grow. The growth of commercial litigations and arbitrations is the inevitable outcome that forces companies to be equipped with legal and business skills of exceptional high standard. Particularly complex disputes call for distinguishing expertise to support the legal strategies and effectively handle the manifold sides of commercial litigations (strategic, managerial, marketing and evaluation ones).

For example, statistical models may help supporting the evaluation of the causal nexus between behaviors and alleged damage, providing a precise measure of the latter. In the most controversial cases, this ability can represent an element of distinctiveness. VVA Expert Opinion stands out for objectivity and independence of judgment, methodological accuracy and the ability to clearly communicate facts and conclusions to the final decision-makers (judges and arbitrators). In national and international commercial litigation contexts, VVA Expert Opinion boasts an exceptional track record, proved by the numerous collaborations with prestigious law firms.