Feb 15

Preparatory Action on EU Plant and Animal Genetic Resources in Agriculture

Together with a consortium of experts from across Europe, VVA is conducting a project for the European Commission (DG Agriculture and Rural Development) with the aim of supporting the EU in recognising the potentials for added value in the field of conservation and sustainable use of agricultural genetic resources. The project identifies, describes and analyses activities undertaken in the EU Member States regarding the conservation and sustainable use for agricultural and forest genetic resources. Furthermore, it identifies missing links and actions to be addressed in future initiatives. The study covers EU-28 and the following domains: plant genetic resources; animal genetic resources; forest genetic resources; and microbial and invertebrate genetic resources. 

Consortium partners: Arcadia International, Centre for Genetic Resource (CGN), Plant Research International Plant (PRI), LEI Socio-economics Research Institute, Fungal Biodiversity Centre of the Royal Academy of Arts and Science (CBS-KNAW), Information and Coordination Centre for Biological Diversity of the German Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food (BLE-IBV).

More information about this project can be found on the project website:  www.geneticresources.eu

In case of any other questions, please, contact Filippa Lofstrom at f.lofstrom@vva.it