Feb 15

Cumulative Cost Assessment for the Chemical Industry

VVA, together with Technopolis Group, is undertaking a study for the European Commission (DG Enterprise and Industry) to assess the cumulative cost impact of the EU legislation and policies specific for the EU chemical industry. More specifically, the study will identify cumulative costs for the chemical industry by:

  • Quantifying the direct and indirect costs per most relevant EU legislation and policies as well as direct and indirect cumulative costs related to EU legislation and policies per identified subsectors of the chemical industry;
  • Demonstrating how the costs have changed over time (2004 - 2013);
  • Comparing the costs with the profits of the chemical industry; and
  • Providing an initial comparison of costs incurred by the chemical industry in Europe with its main competitors on the world market.

For more information and in case of questions, please, contact Julia Rzepecka at j.rzepecka@vva.it