Nov 15

Patent box and exploitation strategies of the value of intangible assets

The general purpose of the Patent Box is to both encourage the domestic placement of intangible assets and promote the investment on the activities underlying their development.

The regime allows the taxpayers to benefit by a partial exclusion from taxation (up to 50%) of the income derived from the use of intangible assets.

Consistently with the general purpose of the regime, the tax relief is granted provided that the taxpayer carries out certain activities, such as research and development or advertising, aimed at the development of intangible assets.

The conference “Tax Climate Change: Managing Tax Risks And Intangibles Post-BEPS”, held in Milan the 15 and 16 October, jointly arranged by the Tax Executives Institute and Bonelli Erede has addressed this topic. Among the speakers, Giandomenico Petronella, Partner of Valdani Vicari & Associati, has delivered a speech on one of the most problematic issues: intangible assets valuation techniques and possible approaches for the determination of their contribution on income.