Oct 15

Analysis of the economic impact of the usage of C-band – Facts vs Fiction

The C-Band (3400 – 4200 MHz) has been a cornerstone of many satellite services for decades. In addition to its key function in providing connectivity within and to areas of high rain fall, where other available bands (e.g. Ku and Ka Band) are inappropriate, C-band is used for a number of critical functions. In preparation for the forthcoming 2015 World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-15) the mobile telecommunications industry has produced a number of documents, which consider the relative economic benefit of assigning the C-Band to mobile services. This report analyses the consistency of the approach these studies have taken to consider the economic value of the CBand, their capability to consider key underlying factors, the validity of assumptions and economic modelling, as well as the resulting impact on the validity of the assessment of costs and benefits of C-band reallocation.


C-band reallocation studies analysis C-band reallocation studies analysis