Nov 13

VVA and the revival of the wholesale food market of Milan

The wholesale food market of Milan has an important role in the Italian food business and in the economy of Milan. It is the first wholesale market in Italy per handled volumes (each year, about one million tonnes of fruit and vegetables) and the second per occupied areas. The wholesale food market of Milan is located in a strategic position: on the one hand, it has an important role in import/export activities between Central and Southern Italy and the markets of Central and Northern Europe; on the other hand, being located near the city center, it could become a logistics hub for the city of Milan.

The project to revitalize and redevelop the wholesale food market of Milan has the main purpose of upgrading facilities and developing the service system, making the market more competitive nationally and internationally. The project covers a large urban area (about 678.000 square meters) and involves different stakeholders. Among the most important challenges of the project, the identification of ways to involve private financiers.

Among the studies that will lead to the full realization of the project, VVA, in a Temporary Association of Companies with Studio Legale Robaldo - Ferraris and Reddy 's Group, has been chosen for the development of a study on financial, legal and technical aspects. The ability to aggregate an heterogeneous expertise, to meet very tight deadlines, as well as several experiences in the public sector has enabled VVA and its partners to win the tender.