Nov 13

VVA is now a member of Arcadia International®!

Arcadia International® is a multi-disciplinary consultancy dedicated to the food and feed value chain. Created in 1998 by senior experts and corporate executives in food chain industry, Arcadia International® is established as an European Economic Interest Grouping (E.E.I.G.) and it focuses on major issues common to the main segments of the food chain.

Arcadia’s experts serve the global food and agribusiness systems – from crop production, through processing and marketing. We work with all sectors by integrating segment expertise and understanding segment interaction to lead to competitiveness & market access improvements for our customers. Key clients include the European Commission (AGRI, SANCO, MARKT), national regulators and private sector companies.

With headquarters in Brussels, Arcadia International® operates in all parts of the world, based on an extensive network of international associates. Nowhere is the globalization of the world economy more evident than in the food chain. We understand the ongoing global changes and are working with companies in most parts of the world.

VVA has a strong track record in supporting large and medium-size businesses in the food and beverage sector, in Italy and elsewhere across Europe. Some of VVA services include business plan development and assessment, market analysis, strategy and management consultancy, transfer pricing and economic regulatory support (e.g. in litigation or transfer pricing).For the public sector, VVA team members have experience in the areas of health and food labelling.

Coupled with the expertise of Arcadia International, VVA's market and economic analysis services constitute a powerful tool for companies and regulators to design, understand the impact, and formulate strategic responses to, regulation in the food and beverage sector. Please download our EU food and drink brochure here

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