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Our Experts are often invited as speaker in national and international conferences. In this section we publish the paper presented at conferences, as well as interviews and a selected list of upcoming events, organized by VVA and by prestigious national and international institutions.

In particular, VVA is supporting member and partner of Centro Studi Grande Milano

Feb 17

Share your views and expectations on EDAS

To determine the requirements for the next generation of EDAS, the European Commission is launching a study EDAS-N to build on the EDAS users’ experience. VVA, supported by DEIMOS, is performing the study.

Dec 16

Impact assessment study on policy options for a new initiative on minimum standards in insolvency and restructuring law

The European Commission has now published the VVA Group impact assessment study supporting proposals on insolvency, restructuring and second chance. The proposals aim to reduce costs, facilitate cross-border investment, increase survival and restructuring options, reduce the level of non-performing loans, and give a second chance for entrepreneurs to help them start new businesses

Nov 16

Tax Executive Institute Emea Autumn Conference

The OECD, namely the BEPS Project, recognizes the complexity of value creation dynamics under today’s business models and demands greater rigour in the analysis of the value chain and its impact on transfer pricing models.

Jan 16

Evaluation of the Security Research Action under FP7

VVA, in cooperation with Technopolis Group, has carried out the evaluation of the Security Research Action under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). This funding programme has focused on priority applications and on the development of new concepts, systems and solutions in the field of civil security.

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