Economic & Market Studies – Regulatory Economics – Market Research

Future scenarios in the energy sector foresee that, in 2040, the global demand for energy will be around 30% higher than the one in 2010, with a growth trend of +60% for non-OCSE countries.

The current scenario is characterised by continuous research and development of new technologies and of safe, reliable and environmentally sustainable energy sources. Research and development also focus on low-carbon sources, such as natural gas, nuclear power and renewables. At the same time, end users are starting to consume energy more efficiently and with higher environmental awareness, while institutions are increasingly keen on defining energy strategies and global policies.

VVA has managed several projects on regulatory economics, developed economic & market studies and performed numerous market research activities in the Energy industry.

The Regulatory Economics area is capable of applying tailor-made methodologies to support:

  • socio-economic impact assessment of energy regulation on energy companies, on consumers and on businesses; 
  • in collaboration with sector and legal experts, our Regulatory Economics team can assess consistency of implementation of the legal acquis in the energy sector; 

The Economic & Market Studies area focuses on the following aspects:

  • economic and market studies for key players in the energy sector to help identify trends, generate market forecasts and plan for potential future economic scenarios;
  • economic support to regulatory authorities conducting market surveillance and monitoring activities on the basis of the best available market data and at all stages of the energy value chain;

The Market Research area has supported different leading companies in the energy sector. In these projects, VVA determined and monitored the trend of performance indicators including Brand Awareness, Customer Experience, Net Promoter Score and Intention.

Moreover, the Market Research team has performed studies aimed at redefining the marketing mix, thus acquiring specific expertise in brand strategy and in the measurement of price elasticity of demand (price sensitivity) through market research methodologies including multivariate analysis (e.g. conjoint analysis).