Economic & Market Studies

European public policy – impact assessment

VVA has extensive experience in carrying out economic and market studies for private and public sector clients in the context of analyses of European public policy and regulatory impact assessments. Our multinational team of experts includes economists, sociologists, political scientists, specialists in public administration and experts in marketing and innovation. Understanding market structure and dynamics, the competitive forces at play, strategies of key actors in the market and future trends and scenarios is essential both for companies that operate in these markets and for regulators who need to carry out impact assessments to ensure that their interventions help deliver wider benefits to industry, consumers and society.

Specifically, our economic and market studies practice supports public and private sector decision-makers in the following tasks:

  • Analysis of market structures such as key stakeholders, value chains and distribution channels;
  • Profiling, analysis and on-going monitoring of market performance including volume & growth, prices, market shares, economic trends, value added among others;
  • Strategic and competitiveness analysis including European public policy, product/brand life cycles, SWOT & PESTLE analysis, support for investments and innovation, enabling access to foresight and scenario development, among others;
  • Socio-economic impact assessment for public and private sector in response to European public policy interventions.

VVA has built up an extensive track record of economic and market analysis services at national and international levels. We work closely with our clients and with specific sector experts to develop deep insight into each market.

We pride ourselves on:

  • an in-house economic and market analysis team 
  • strong links to sector experts, academics, legal and technical professionals who support our economic work where required 
  • close collaboration with our clients throughout the project to facilitate “real-time” changes in scope and objectives
  • a cost-effective approach to data collection and analysis including extensive use of online tools 
  • concise and tailored reporting of results aimed at senior executives, regional, national and European level policymakers as well as wider audiences depending on the requirements of the project