Digital Consulting

Digital Innovation and Omnichannel Customer Experience

The Digital revolution is happening: big data, cloud computing, social media, online shopping and mobility are driving a massive innovation momentum and a radical disruption across many industries. Customers’ needs are constantly evolving, customers are always online to learn, discover, compare and purchase.

Traditional business can no longer sustain their competitive advantage without investing in digital to innovate their products or services or make themselves discoverable and appealing into the global online marketplace.

With nearly 25 years in Management Consulting and Market Research, at VVA we really strive to understand the complexity of our clients’ business and their competitive landscape. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our clients remain ahead of the competition by leveraging on our:

  • consulting services and ability to understand our clients’ priorities and their customers’ evolving needs;
  • market research analysis to ensure to tap into profitable products, services and markets, maximizing return on any investment:
  • last but not least, digital and online capabilities to exploit business opportunities arisen by new electronic forms of communication and online shopping.

Every day, we assist our clients in their Digital Transformation & Optimization journey, by developing and strengthening their capability in this field. Bringing a wealth of experience in all areas where digital affects the value chain, spanning from front-end customer experience to back-end operations and on to total business model transformation.

We leverage on new technologies to design, develop and promote new products and services into untapped markets and customer segments, ensuring new profit streams. Digital revolution is in fact impacting every business: competing in a fast pace digital environment means staying ahead of the curve, adopting all electronic and online new channels to engage, surprise and delight the end-customers. Our focus on revenue and customer acquisition as well as return on investment brings concrete actionable insights and new business opportunities to our clients.

Our approach is to help business leaders in investing - or realigning their existing investment - in technology and business models to more effectively engage customers at every touch point, physical and online. We think that improving the overall omnichannel customer experience is the most effective and efficient way to drive incremental profitable revenue for our clients.

“We do not go online, we live online”
Tove-Lia Johansson, Google

On our digital innovation competency, we work with our clients to understand their digital status quo and, as a result, to leverage on latest technology to generate new revenue streams from innovative products and services.

Furthermore, we truly understand what it takes to launch and strengthen any online business - from a strategic positioning to a transactional website, from distribution channels to omnichannel customer experience, we support our clients in gaining further revenue online through e-commerce, m-commerce, social media, search engine marketing, etc.

Business leaders often are asking themselves:

  • Can I increase my margins by adopting some new digital technology?
  • Is my organization ready to take such a program? What skills would I need?
  • How do I make sure that my investments are ROI positive in the first year?
  • Can I make my salesforce more efficient? What digital tools can they use?
  • Which innovation can I introduce to engage effectively our customers?
  • We increased our online marketing budget, but how efficient has been? Am I using the right channel mix?
  • I am spending all this money to bring more customers to my website, but what are we doing to retain them?
  • Big Data: everyone talks about it, but is there a real revenue opportunity for my business?
  • I really would like to expand our business globally, but where will I start?
  • Who can help me understanding my online presence? and increasing customer reach?
  • Do investments in social media really work?

VVA Digital is helping our clients to give concrete answers to these questions, by bringing actionable insights from internal and external data sources to the organization.

Some of our core competencies are:

  • Digital Assessment: Audit & Due Diligence
  • Digital Transformation or Acceleration Program
  • New Digital Operating Model
  • Impact on Customer Experience
  • e-commerce and m-commerce Go-to Market Strategy
  • e-commerce and m-commerce High Level Specifications
  • e-commerce and m-commerce Assessment
  • Online Marketing Optimization
Our previous clients include:
  • International Banking - exploiting big data on large SEPA implementation
  • Global Online Payments - improving customer satisfaction and operations effectiveness through data analytics
  • Large Global Online Travel - increasing business performance through online marketing, website optimization, customer experience and advanced analytics
  • Large Pan-European Oniine Travel - new digital product design and development, website optimizaztion and online marketing activities optimization
  • International Fashion - strategic planning of ecommerce global operations and new digital operating model. 

“Let’s go invent tomorrow rather than worrying about what happened yesterday.”
Steve Jobs, All Things Digital