Consulting Services

Our team of in-house consultants includes academics, economists and industry experts with specialist expertise in different markets and sectors. For specific projects, they are supported by partner organizations and senior academics from across Europe and beyond.

Our services

Our expert opinion team specializes in market analysis to evaluate the impact of regulatory intervention or company behaviour on individual brands, competition, innovation and investment or future market development. We support our clients in all legal and regulatory issues including litigation and relations with regulatory authorities (Consulting services: Business & Intangibles Valuation, Business Plan Validation & Evaluation, Litigation, Transfer Pricing).

Our dedicated European public policy team specializes in working with EU institutions, trade associations and private sector clients on developing, assessing and responding to EU- and national regulation and policy.

Our market research team deploys cutting-edge qualitative and quantitative techniques to consult stakeholders, gather data, and build consensus around proposed solutions.

Finally, we provide strategy and management advice to support our clients in anticipating and reacting to market developments questioning traditional visions and practices in the sectors (Consulting services: Business Consulting, Economic & Market Studies, Regulatory Economics).