the client

Entrepreneurial and financial group, operating in the service and technology sectors

the need

Assessment of the economic opportunity concerning the start-up of a new mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), interaction with network operators, development of a business plan and provision of funding sources


Complete support for the configuration of the offer system and the launch of a new mobile virtual network operator: VVA has supported the client from the definition of the business model to the operative start-up of the new company, with a strong focus on the management of negotiations with network operators and on the research of industrial and financial partners

The project has been composed of two initial phases, which have been carried out in parallel: on one hand, the definition of an initial business plan aimed at verifying the sustainability of the new enterprise; on the other hand, the beginning of a dialogue with network operators in order to test the interest in signing a network agreement.

In the subsequent phases, the VVA team has implemented the following groups of activities:


  • management of negotiations with two network operators, selection of the right partner and closure of the deal with the signing of the roaming agreement, which concerns a total value of 100m€ in the first 5 years;
  • business planning with the prospective estimation of the income statement, investment plan and exit value of the company at 3 and 5 years, in three different market scenarios; 
  • research of industrial and financial partners and definition of a structure suitable for the management of the new enterprise 
  • development of a plan for the organizational development