the client

One of the four mobile telecommunication companies in Italy

the need

Increase of the availability, for the headquarter, of information regarding commercial processes of different networks. Provision of indicators for the analysis and the monitoring of commercial activities


The project has allowed to define a store opening/closing plan, aimed at achieving the optimal coverage of the Italian territory for a telecommunication company. In this respect, VVA has implemented: the map of competitors’ stores, the analysis of the current performances of the company’s network and the estimation of the potential of catchment areas, both at the macro level (region) and at the micro level (street)

At first, VVA has analyzed the information needs at different levels of the commercial area of the company-client. VVA has defined the most critical variables and has selected indicators for a preliminary analysis of available data. The testing of the significance and robustness of the variables has been then carried out. Subsequently, VVA has defined the structure and presentation format of the Tableau de Bord in order to make it adequate for each hierarchical level, its frequency, the supervisors for the information management (who uses, who produces and processes) as well as the different levels of access to the tool. The implemented Tableau de Bord was judged simple for consultation and versatile in its use.