the client

Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry (DG ENTR) of the European Commission.
The DG ENTR aims at strengthening the European industry sectors with the help of international cooperation and innovation as means to foster creation and growth of small businesses and to promote entrepreneurship.
Moreover, it supports the European presence in various fields: the European Space Policy, Space Research and Development and projects related to GMES technologies.

the need

Design, develop and disseminate a Software Development Kit (SDK) based on EGNOS for smartphones’ application developers.
The release of the SDK allows to create an eco-system for innovative applications relying on EGNOS capabilities. The ultimate objective of the project consists in having the EGNOS SDK implemented in the most popular Operating Systems for smarphones and in supporting the usage of EGNOS in Location Based Services.


VVA supported the European Commission in the development of a Software Development Kit (SDK) enabling application developers to take advantage of EGNOS (the European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service). The VVA team performed a market survey to investigate the technical framework and the key needs of application developers, supported the software development activities and launched an awareness campaign to promote both EGNOS and the EGNOS SDK.

The project has been jointly run by VVA Consulting and the German engineering company DKE Aerospace.
The flow of activities was shaped in three key steps.

The first step consisted in a market survey, led through both in-depth interviews with key stakeholders and online questionnaires. The main objectives of the survey were:

  • the investigation of the key competitive dynamics in the smartphone and mobile Operating Systems competitive arenas
  • the assessment of the technical framework and of the key technological impediments to the development of the SDK
  • the definition of the needs of GNSS applications’ developers in terms of positioning accuracy and reliability and the prioritisation of the technical functionalities to be developed within the SDK.

The second step directly involved the technical experts of the DKE Aerospace team in developing the SDK. The key activities consisted in the development of the Core software, the design and implementation of functions and algorithms to access GNSS data and the final testing of the software.

The last step focused on raising awareness of the application and Operating System developers, as well as of other key stakeholders, on both EGNOS and the EGNOS SDK. The key activities under this step were:

  • the support in the update, enrichment and renewal of the EGNOS website (
  • the creation of technical articles and business cases involving EGNOS applications
  • the realization of an awareness campaign based on forums and social networks
  • the promotion of the launch of the SDK on specialized press, the EGNOS website, forums, blogs and social networks.