the client

A large retailer with worldwide leadership

the need

In addition to the traditional survey with self-compiled paper format, the Client asked Valdani Vicari & Associati to make an online survey, with the possibility to compare the results of the two researches. Through the on-line survey, it was possible to reach new targets (young people, web users, high-level socio-demographic segments).


The research was aimed to analyze the level of Customer Satisfaction for a large retailer, with respect to both the whole offered customer experience, and to specific departments and aspects of the service.

The quantitative research was conducted through CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing) interviews. The sample was selected among customers subscribed to the newsletter (via loyalty cards) and among the Client’s website users. The customers received an e-mail with a direct link to the questionnaire. In about two months, more than 20.000 questionnaires were collected.

The survey allowed to analyze the customer satisfaction level, both in general terms and with respect to specific departments and aspects of the service. Brand perception and the opinions about stores were compared to the competitors. Such evaluations included all the touch-points, such as front-line employees, layout, promotions, pricing, assortment, products.

Through the survey outcomes and historical data on purchasing behavior, behavioral clusters and synthetic indexes (such as Net Promoter Scores, Overall Satisfaction and Performance Index) were defined. These indexes were then used to analyze performances and to identify strategic actions for the future business development.