the client

European Union Regulatory Authority, the European Agency created to support the development and knowledge dissemination of the European value chain of Navigation Satellite Systems.

The strategic goals of our client include the achievement of not only a fully operational GALILEO system, but also GALILEO’s leading role as navigation satellite system for civilian use.

the need

Assess the market potential of a service based on an enhanced Galileo signal in a wide range of applications, both professional and mass-market.

Forecast the market trends of the priority segments interested by the new service, and understand the future role of GNSS technology.

Evaluate the impact of the new features offered by the enhanced signal, and estimate the potential revenues deriving from the provision of the service.


VVA helped the EU Agency created to support the development of the European value chain of Navigation Satellite Systems in the analysis of the market potential of a service based on an enhanced Galileo signal, in a wide range of applications both professional and mass-market, and testing three different product concept.

The project has initially covered 28 different market segments served by GNSS solutions. The segments have been clustered by area of application and prioritized on the basis of technical criteria, ability to market and potential public benefits. The main clusters include Transportation, Machine Control, Survey, IT Networks and Synchronization.
Based on the prioritization, 18 segments have been selected and analized. The needs of every segment in terms of positioning accuracy and signal reliability have been assessed   through in depth personal interviews with users, stakeholders and technology experts.

During the interviews, three different product concept were tested, allowing to better understand the perceived value added of the enhanced Galileo signal. The ability-to-market of the segments was further evaluated in terms of technology maturity, market size and foreseen penetration.

This further evaluation enabled VVA to identify 10 high potential applications of the enhanced GNSS signal in 10 different segments. We have studied the dynamics and the market structure of each of these GNSS applications. We highlighted the key drivers and the elements that could influence the segments’ evolution, taking into consideration the foreseen evolution of both competing satellite solutions and other converging technologies.

Finally, we integrated the insights from the interviews with desk analysis, and built an economic model to allow the client to estimate the market size, the penetration of GNSS solutions and the revenues from the provision of the Galileo enhanced signal up to 2025.