the client

A Group, working in formal and casualwear through different brands. For the most part, the company's turnover is generated by multi-brand POS, both in Italy and abroad.

the need

To develop a custom-made tool, with the aim of supporting the company's strategic planning, by enabling the management to differentiate the commercial strategy on the basis of customer clusters.


The VVA team (Consulting – Market Research) designed a tool to support the management of the client Company in the development of the commercial strategy

Field research in order to widen the Group's knowledge about its current customer base. Integration between the pieces of information gathered from the customer base and those already available in the company.

Analysis of the integrated set of information and presentation of related findings.

Design of the Customer Database (CDB) - whose aim is to support the management's decisions - on the basis of both old and new pieces of information.

Development of the Customer Database (CDB) as designed.