the client

5th global cashmere manufacturer (yarn, knitwear and woven products)

the need

Acquiring a structured method to:

  • Define an effective quality check throughout the production process
  • Reorganize the warehouse
  • Define the collection structure, based on product families and usage patterns
  • Create a process to implement the collection (from sales analysis to design, throgh product test to production launch)
  • Define a criteria to display products in the directly owned stores
  • Develop the adv/promotion campaign coherently with the collection timeline



At first we worked on the production process identifyng possible improvements required to...

At first we worked on the production process identifyng possible improvements required to

a) solve quality problems on finished products (raw material sorting, machinary to be changed, quality checks, ..) b) enahance the manufacturing process (in order to make it both more effective and efficient): raw material classification method, rationale used to dye yarn in coherence with the colour card, new structure of the finished products warehouse in order to increase the performances related to production planning, store merchandising and stock disposal,… The core part of the project was “to transfer” a structured method to define the collection:

  • Identifying the need of a “product manager” (as owner of the process) 
  • Designing the collection structure: based on families to be reproduced each year changing model, pattern or color (basic family, evergreen family, stripes family,..) and usage patterns 
  • Defining a structured process: sales analysis, knitwear and yarn warehouse check, definition of items to be produced by model, size and color and production timeline definition in order to saturate capacity leveraging on export and domestic needs 
  • Finally we worked on marketing and retail: 
  • Defining the organizational structure and the activities of the marketing and retail departments (communication, promotion and customer knowledge) 
  • Structuring the marketing activities timeline coherently with the collection timeframe 
  • Working on product display in the stores (model/color matches, visual merchandising,..)