the client

Renowned town council in northern Italy

the need

Increase city attractiveness for youth, levaraging on tourism, study and professional resons.


One of the most important growth drivers for the territory, and in particular for the metropolitan areas, is the capacity to attract and retain the best young people. Major towns compete developping strategic positioning, focused on the kind of young people they want to attract and the most interesting origin countries.

VVA supported one of the most renowned town councils in Italy to identify its current positioning, the key areas to be delopped and defined three operative actions in order to gain a higher share of tourists, students and professionals.

Analysis of offers and promotional activities targetted to young people implemented by some major european cities. Market research through web questionnairs (CAWI) conducted in ten countries among Europe, Americas and Asia. By-street research on young tourists in the town. Analysis of young people flows for tourism, study and work purposes, mapping all the most important origin and destination countries and sounding out the reasons below young people choices.

Definition of guide lines to modify city offer and positioning in order to improve attractiveness for young people, and identification of the potentially most interesting origin countries.

The project, in its final stage, pinpointed eighteen potential actions to start and guide the outlined change in terms of positioning and offer. The three actions selected by the town council were detailed in depth in ordert to obtain the needed investments.