the client

Top Italian confederation of manufacturing and services enterprises.

the need

Highlighting the social responsibility of the organization, through the description of the actions towards the different stakeholders with which it interacts, in order to promote the country’s economic development and the competitiveness of the Italian enterprises.


VVA has supported the client in the drafting of the Sustainability Report as an innovative tool for the communication to the stakeholders of its own actions and their connected impacts, both in their qualitative and quantitative dimensions. For this purpose, a consolidated methodology has been applied and the whole organization has been involved in the analysis of the activities.

The first part of the project concerned the identity of the Association and included the analysis of the following aspects: mission, values, institutional structure, organizational model and main strategic policies.
Secondly, the stakeholders’ categories have been defined and the activities performed by the organization’s different areas towards them have been analyzed in-depth, in order to draft the Social Statement (representing the central part of the Sustainability Report).

The chapters focused on each stakeholder have been divided in a number of parts, in order to describe the main policies, completed activities and projects and obtained performances (in quantitative terms). This task has been accomplished both through the analysis of internal data, and through a team work with the Directors and meetings with managers in charge of specific organizational units.

The last part consisted of the Economic Statement reporting Annual Report data.
Finally, the presentation document for the General Director’s press conference was prepared as a summary of the whole work and of the main messages to be externally communicated.