the client

Multinational Company, ranking amongst the largest beer producers in the world. In Italy they produce and/or distribute a broad selection of brands.

the need

To assess the potential of a new institutional advertising campaign, by probing onto impact and appeal, understanding, relevance and strategic consistency, as well as to test the efficacy of the communication among the core target groups.


Assessment of the potential of a new institutional advertising of a well-known and international beer brand, by a qualitative reserarch methodology including psyco-semiotic analysis.  

We adopted a qualitative research methodology including psycho-semiotic analysis, functional to the aim of text and communication analysis.

A large number of extended projective focus groups have been held, including the administration of individual and collective tests, in three locations and with four target groups spread across age, beer consumption habits and usership.

This methodology allowed to check to what extent the creative routes matched effectively the communication strategy and the expected brand positioning.