the client

An information technology Corporation which operates in the hardware and software market.

the need

To optimize the cartridge shelf structure to give customer better orientation in finding the best-fitting supply products and offer, while appealing to them to buy original supplies and to fight competition in GDS.


Assessment of new shelf lay out impact on shopping behaviour and on sales of printer supplies of a well-known information technology Corporation.

We built up a methodologic system consisting of a considerable number of observations, short and deep dive interviews at POS in different outlets. One of the outlets played the role of “control outlet” (with the traditional shelf structure) while in the remaining outlets we created test areas with alternative shelf layouts.  

That allowed to compare the different shelf structures performance, to trace the shopper behaviour in front of the cartridge shelf while noting consumer reactions and opinions faced with the different structures.

Finally, a comparison between the results and sales data pre and post shelf restructuring allowed to “quantify” the real impact of the new shelf on cartridge purchases.