the client

The Company operates in the industry of formal apparel for men with three owned brand.
Most of revenues comes from sales abroad where the company is investing in new stores.

the need

The creation of a customised tool able to supports the strategic planning process of the company.
Allowing the management team to evaluate the impact of their business decision on profitability and the enterprise value.


Creation of a forecast tool, that allows the managers of the company to evaluate the financial impact of their strategic decisions on profitability and the enterprise value.

Through interviews to the management team were identified the main market dynamics in order to build the model assumptions.
Creation of a forecast tool starting from P&L and Balance sheet data able to consider changes in revenues coming from different business lines and their inpact on company profitability.

Collection of financial data (actual) in order to fill the model.
Identification of possible strategic choics and creation of alternative business scenarios.

Evaluation of the impact of the different strategic choices on financial forecast
Through a sensitivty analysis it has been possible to make clear the drivers of the entrerprise value that could be handled by the management in order to improove the equity value.