the client

Renowned town council in northern Italy

the need

Define a strategic plan, to be shared with and assessed by the town council, comprising a vision of key factors and sectors for the territory development. 


Many factors, in the past considered fundamental for the town development and growth,  are now necessary, but not anymore sufficient, given the global competition among territories. Therefore, VVA analized, on behalf of one of the major Town councils in Italy, the most interesting business models among the main European cities and mapped the territory key assets. On the base of these elements, VVA defined a vision on the feasible business model for the city, pinpointed the growth drivers and key sectors for the city future development.

Mapping of the vision and business models adopted by some major Italian, European and International cities, on the basis of the analysis of their strategic plans. Outline of the most interesting territory visions in terms of innovation content and results, in comparison to competitors.

Mapping of the main growth drivers, using the available theories, among which the 3T’s theory of Richard Florida.
In the final stage, VVA proposed a vision in terms of strategic positiong for the town, defining main growth drivers and sectors to be developped in order to attract and retain human and financial resources.

The final report, presented to and approved by the town council, has the objective to guide all strategic plans and operative actions oriented to the city growth.