the client

Primary listed Italian Bank Group

the need

Three-year Strategic Plan definition through an in depth understanding of several market segments attractivity (ex. foreign markets, consumer credit, pension plans…) and definition of the guidelines to catch more profitable opportunities (make or buy decisions)


VVA supported the client company in defining: strategic plan guidelines, key strengths to leverage in order to fulfil the pinpointed objectives,  market opportunities  and threats, target positioning in terms of destination countries, clients and channels, market scenarios in the mid-long term

Collection and analysis of market data from both primary and secondary sources. Current Group positioning assessment through a market (product, clients, channels) and economic performances (cost/income, ROE, ROA, ..) benchmarking. Highlighting of more profitable opportunities and gaps to be filled in order to recover competitiveness.

In particular, we thoroughly analyzed  the following market segments: consumer credit, bankassurance, retail market in Eastern Europe. Definition of a simulation model in order to evaluate growth strategies impacts. In particular, we defined a short list of potential targets for M&A operations. We assessed the enterprise value of a selected set of banks. Strategic guidelines definition and assessment both in economic and operative terms.