the client

Italian Insurance Company operating in the market of telephone and online car insurance. 

the need

To monitor ongoing basis the web reputation of the Company and its main competitors in the car insurance market developing a set of synthetic index of Companies web performance.


Continuing monitor of an Insurance Company and its competitors web reputation in the car insurance market through the analysis of discussions on Italian Social Media (blog, forum, newsgroup, social network…).

The analysis, started in 2010, is made with the crawling and monitoring platform Blogmeter that currently monitors more than 700 web sites and online communities, about 75,000 Italian blogs and the main Social Network. Every year about 12,000 posts related to car insurance sector (on line market) are analyzed. For each post is assigned automatically a score based on its web relevance (main indexes: GooglePageRank, MozRank, KloutKscore). 

Every message related on the analyzed brands is read and classified according to the topic and to the sentiment expressed toward the Company (positive, negative, neutral). In order to make the analysis more effectiveness and reliable, we select only the ‘user generated’ contents (cleaning and isolation of ‘commercial’ posts or Brand posts) to identify and to consider only the spontaneous buzz produced by the users who write on the web.   


The collected data are then interpreted and processed in order to produce some quali-quantitative quarterly report that guarantee an accurate and in trend vision of the Company and its competitors web reputation. For this purpose it was built a set of positioning maps and synthetic indicators (eg. Social Media Sentiment and Buzz Index). 

Daily a real time alerting service is provided to permit to promptly intervene on negative posts related to the Company.