Business Plan validation & evaluation

Restructuing plan

VVA has a twenty years experience in evaluating market and competitive dynamics and has a multidisciplinary team of specialized and reliable professionals that is in charge of developing and validating out-of-court restructuring plans and debt restructuring agreements. 

The out-of-court restructuring plan (piano di risanamento attestato) and the debt restructuring agreement (accordo di ristrutturazione dei debiti) enable an enterprise that is facing a financial crisis to avoid the pre-bankruptcy agreement procedure (concordato preventivo). In order to benefit from these out-of-court arrangements, which are specifically designed to support enterprises in avoiding a situation of reversible financial distress, an enterprise is requested to disclose a validation report arranged by a third party expert and pursuant to the italian bankruptcy law.

In particular, our Business Plan Validation & Evaluation practice supports enterprises and their bank creditors on the following topics:


  • Validation of out-of-court restructuring plans pursuant to Article 67 of the Italian Bankruptcy law
  • Validation of debt restructuring agreements pursuant to Article 182-bis of the Italian Bankruptcy law
  • Support in arranging a restructuring plan that fulfils the necessary requirements in order to receive full validation 
  • Periodic monitoring of the restructuring plan implementation


VVA developed a strong expertise in business plan validation and evaluation with reference to several sectors and contexts, both national and international. VVA adopts a rigorous approach to verify data accuracy and consistency with key assumptions and to analyse the documentation provided by the client in support of plan’s forecasts.

Our team’s strengths are:


  • High-seniority of professionals
  • Strong linkage with academic world and wide professional network 
  • Ability to involve authoritative and independent opinion leaders
  • Ability to manage dialogue with banks, financial advisor, lawyers and auditors
  • Integration between our economic and business competencies with those of our partners, specialized in accounting, bankruptcy law and on fiscal topics. More precisely, VVA has a strong partnership with Professor Angelo Palma’s “Studio Palma”.
  • Acknowledged expertise in providing Expert Opinions in different fields (Transfer Pricing, Litigation and Evaluation, Economic Studies)