Business & Intagibles evaluation

Intangibles – impairment test

The theme of business and intangibles valuation has always been critical for entrepreneurs, managers and economists. What are the value drivers? What is the degree of interdependence and separability among intangibles? Which is the most consistent and reliable evaluation method? It has always been difficult to provide an answer to these queries, also considering the absence of unequivocal and standardized solutions. Moreover, the difficulties have recently augmented since intangibles (trademarks, know-how, customer relationships) are increasingly regarded as the source of the competitive advantage.

The pivotal role of intangibles has also been acknowledged by International Accounting Principles (IAS), that have introduced important accounting innovations (impairment test), and by OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines considered the increased tax relevance of intangibles. The complexity of the subject and the need of reliable and defendable measurements require extensive and thorough knowledge: accounting is no longer sufficient, but also finance, statistics, strategy, marketing are required.


The cross-industry experience and the multidisciplinary know-how represent the backbone of VVA Expert Opinion through which reliable and defendable solutions are developed in accordance with the specific facts and circumstances of each case. Where appropriate, we know how to go beyond traditional business and intangibles valuation approaches.