Business Consulting

Market strategies – Customer Experience

Valdani Vicari & Associati (VVA)’s Business Consulting practice collaborates with companies to help them in the development of markets and customers, adapting their organizational models. VVA’s team has gained specialized competences in market strategies, as well as in sales, marketing and distribution aspects. VVA supports companies in the definition of market strategies, questioning traditional visions and practices in the sectors.

The company has a passion for the innovation of distribution models, achieved also through the analysis of best practices in other sectors. VVA’s Business Consulting team has developed several tools and original approaches concerning, for example, the customer experience management, the customer centred reengineering and the value innovation. It boasts a wide network of qualified partners in various operational services, as well as close ties with the academic world.

In less structured enterprises, VVA supports the entrepreneur, management and sales network, in the integration of the identification of solutions with a rapid implementation of market strategies. VVA’s principal strategic services concern, for example, the competitive analysis and development of solutions for the increase of revenues. These projects are particularly interesting in specific market contexts, e.g. in hyper-competitive markets, where the only solutions seem to be either the price competition, or the focus on segments that maintain acceptable margins. VVA has gained important experience in these difficult market contexts and proposes innovative approaches, whose principal purpose is the redefinition of the value proposition for customers and of market strategies.

VVA has developed original approaches on sales aspects. For example, it proposes a path and practical tools for the measurement and development of the customer experience; VVA’s approach helps companies to understand how individual touch points contribute to generating an effective customer experience for the actual companies, in terms of: selling, increasing loyalty, generating word of mouth and optimizing the allocation of contact and relationship costs. VVA’s principal organization services are focused on processes related to the management of networks, sales channels and customers.


An example is the redesign of processes and organization, to guide them towards efficiency and the creation of value recognized by customers (customer centred reengineering), starting from the measurement of gaps in customer satisfaction. In addition, a central theme of VVA’s experience is the organizational and strategic development of processes and tools concerning sales networks and the marketing office, with the main objective to lead to a discontinuity jump in sales performance. VVA’s Business Consulting team supports companies with the commitment and enthusiasm of a partner passionately striving to generate value together with its clients. VVA’s successful experiences has generated long-term collaborations.